These Snowflakes Warm the Heart

What is snowflake baby? These frozen embryos makes the term ‘snowflake baby’ a perfect fit – sharing in that snowflakes are unique, and no two are the same! These little snowflakes are truly melting so many lives!
Video Transcript Hi, I am Julia Easton and I am so glad you could join us today to hear this incredible and very special story of frozen embryo adoption – a term now known as Snowflake Babies. These frozen embryos makes the term ‘snowflake baby’ a perfect fit – sharing in that snowflakes are unique, and no two are the same! Embryo donation is an incredible option and a beautiful journey for couples who are working to grow into a family. For those who choose this option, it is often a shared importance of holding up Gods plan and purpose for these tiny human lives. — Traditional adoption was the only choice for infertile couples who wanted children. Then came test-tube babies and a whole array of high-tech fertility procedures. But with all these advanced methods, many couples ended up without a child. — Many families are turning to another option that combines high-tech fertility procedures with frozen embryo adoption. The embryo donor allows another family the option of embryo adoption. These families experience pregnancy and childbirth and give birth to their adopted child. In vitro fertilization treatments often produces dozens of fertilized eggs, which can be left frozen indefinitely. These frozen embryos were conceived by another couple and stored in liquid nitrogen – some may have been stored for as many as 25 years. There are as many as 625,000 estimated embryos kept in storage in the US alone and an estimated 20,000 are now ready to be adopted. — Nightlight Christian Adoptions, a christian adoption agency in southern California, finds couples’ who wants to adopt these frozen embryos. Both families work with the agency to find the best match for their situation. Once a match has been decided, the frozen embryos are flown to the fertility clinic and the implantation process begins. — This is a very viable and positive option for a couple in which the healthy mother can carry her baby to full term. This option provides a beautiful HOPE for families who have had so many difficulties and disappointments with their fertility journey. The intention of the program is to share in how God will use one family to help grow another family. The end result, the blessing of a beautiful snowflake baby – and sometimes snowflake twins! — For more information on adopting embryos or if you’re interested in frozen embryo adoption the best place to start is a local fertility clinic or contact Nightlight Christian Adoptions in California. I want to thank you for joining in on our ‘Snowflake Baby’ program. It is our hope that we have offered you both inspiration and encouragement in growing your family. — These little snowflakes are truly melting so many lives!

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