Our Unique Adoption Story: Snowflake Adoption


When my lovely wife, Kristy, and I married on June 15, 1996 we certainly had dreams and expectations of one day having a family of our own. We were neither in a hurry to do so nor seeking to prevent it from happening, but instead put our trust in the Lord and in His perfect timing. Year after year, we enjoyed the benefits of being DINKs (Double Income No Kids) taking road trips often and spontaneously and enjoying the freedom that comes with not having kids. Every so often, Kristy would want to talk about children and discuss what names we would like. This always brought my anxiety levels up a notch, but her motherly instincts would not let the issue rest. Listen Now

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Embryo Donation & Adoption: The Journey

Have you ever thought about using donated embryos to achieve pregnancy? Through this simple and successful adoption process you control the pregnancy and give birth to your adopted child. This series of 10 videos guides you through the process of embryo donation & adoption in one-minute segments. Even if you have experienced failed IVF, you may still achieve a pregnancy through embryo adoption. Many families have already done just that!

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Man finds families for embryos

Ron Stoddart of Anaheim Hills is the executive director of the Snowflake program, an adoption agency for frozen embryos. By DIANE REED/ Staff writer (Original Article Link) Ron Stoddart is a father of four – and the honorary grandfather of 137 “Snowflakes.” That’s what he calls the frozen embryos for whom he finds adoptive families. […]

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